The Details Drawer
  • 12 Apr 2023
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The Details Drawer

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Clicking on an entry in the table on the Browse screen displays the Details drawer (Figure 1), which provides a detailed overview of the selected object. The overview includes a description (if provided) and, depending on the type of object, the following components:

Figure 1_The Details Drawer_7.1.0


To see all associated Indicators, click all associated indicators... at the bottom of the Associated Indicators section of the Details drawer, which will be displayed if there are more than 10 associated Indicators.

To obtain a full listing of associated Intel, click the vertical ellipsis at the upper-right corner of the Details drawer, and then select Pivot from the dropdown menu.

To view the Overview tab of the object’s Details screen, click View full detailsView full details_Details drawerat the upper-right corner of the Details drawer. You can also access an object’s Details screen by hovering the cursor over any part of the object’s row in the Browse screen and clicking one of the two icons displayed to the right of the Summary cell (Figure 2).

Figure 2_The Details Drawer_7.1.0


  • View full details View full details_Browse: Click this icon to open the object’s Details screen in the current browser tab.
  • View details in new tab View full details in new tab icon: Click this icon to open the object’s Details screen in a new browser tab.

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