WHOIS Registration Information
  • 30 Aug 2022
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WHOIS Registration Information

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The Whois tab for Host indicators provides WHOIS information, if available. To use this feature, the Whois checkbox in the Details card on the Overview tab of the Details screen for the Host must be selected (Figure 1).



It may take up to 60 minutes for WHOIS information to populate after selecting the Whois checkbox.

On a Host Indicator’s Details screen, click the Whois tab and, if populated, the screen will display a results table with hyperlinked items in the Contacts column (Figure 2).

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Click a hyperlink to view related Hosts in ThreatConnect that have a matching value in their WHOIS information. The Related Hosts window will be displayed (Figure 3).

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To view the full WHOIS record for an entry in the Whois results table, click Full Record Icon  Description automatically generatedin the rightmost table column (Figure 3). The Whois Record window will be displayed (Figure 4).

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