Dashboard Overview
  • 10 Apr 2024
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Dashboard Overview

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The Dashboard screen is the first screen displayed after you log into ThreatConnect®. It is your situational awareness center for ThreatConnect. Customers with the appropriate product level can create and customize dashboards to suit their needs. Cloud users can choose from four built-in dashboards that provide different operational and analytical perspectives on a variety of data and metrics, including recent activity, active Incidents, open Tasks, Indicator trends, query results, and more.

Each type of information is presented on a card whose location, format, colors, and type of graphic can be set according to your preferences or those of the administrator. You can toggle between multiple dashboards, depending on what type and arrangement of data you want to see. In addition, you can import and export dashboards, allowing you to share them with users in other Organizations and ThreatConnect instances.

Before You Start

Minimum Role(s)
  • System role of Administrator (for editing, renaming, sharing, and deleting System-level dashboards and setting any dashboard as a System-level dashboard)
  • Organization role of Organization Administrator (for deleting shared dashboards and setting a shared dashboard as an Organization-level dashboard) 
  • Organization role of Read Only User (for viewing, creating, editing, renaming, sharing, and deleting custom dashboards;  viewing, editing, renaming, and sharing shared dashboards; viewing System-level dashboards; copying and exporting dashboards and setting any dashboard as your default dashboard; and importing dashboards using a dashboard file)
PrerequisitesCustom dashboards enabled in your Organization (for creating custom dashboards)

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