Organizing a Report's Contents
  • 18 Jan 2023
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Organizing a Report's Contents

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As you add sections to a report, you may want to reorder sections, add new sections between two existing sections, edit an existing section, or remove a section from the report. To do so, hover over a section in the Report Editor. The section will be outlined in a blue rectangle containing several buttons (Figure 1).

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Reordering Sections

To move an existing section up or down in a report, click Move Content UpIcon  Description automatically generatedor Move Content DownIcon  Description automatically generated, respectively.

Editing a Section

To edit an existing section in a report, click Edit ContentIcon  Description automatically generated. The Add New Section drawer will display with the menu corresponding to the section. Edit the section as desired, and then click the Apply Changes button to save the changes.

Deleting a Section

To delete an existing section in a report, click Remove ContentIcon  Description automatically generated. The section will be removed from the report immediately and you will not be prompted to confirm its deletion.

You cannot undo the deletion of a section in a report. If working with a saved report and a section was removed by mistake, refresh the browser tab to restore the most recently saved version of the report.

Adding a Section Above or Below an Existing Section

To add a new section above or below an existing section in a report, click the + Add Above or + Add Below button, respectively. This feature can be helpful when adding a Divider or Page Break section between two sections. For more information on adding sections to a report, see Adding Content to a Report.

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