Phases and Tasks Overview
  • 18 Mar 2024
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Phases and Tasks Overview

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In Workflow, a Task is a step performed within a Case. Tasks can be manual (i.e., performed by a user) or automated (i.e., performed by a Workflow Playbook). The Phases and Tasks section of a Case, on the left side of the screen, is where the action of the Workflow feature takes place. This section shows all Tasks in the Case, grouped into Phases, as specified by the Workflow on which the Case is based.

By default, the Phases and Tasks section of the screen is displayed in detail view, but can be switched to list view. Detail view provides all details for each Task, including fields for providing inputs that are saved as Artifacts.

The articles in this category describe how to view the Phases and Tasks in a Case, create manual and automated Tasks, perform administrative actions for a Task, and filter Tasks in a Case. For instructions on how to view and manage all Tasks across all Cases in your Organization via the Tasks tab of the Workflow screen, see Workflow Tasks.

Before You Start

Minimum Role(s)
  • Organization role of Read Only User (for viewing Phases and Tasks)
  • Organization role of Standard User (for creating and editing Tasks, regardless of the Task’s assignee) 
  • Organization role of Organization Administrator (for deleting Tasks, regardless of the Task’s assignee)
  • Workflow enabled by a System Administrator; 
  • A Workflow Case created in your Organization (see Creating Cases)

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