Installing and Logging Into ThreatConnect Intelligence Anywhere
  • 28 Aug 2023
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Installing and Logging Into ThreatConnect Intelligence Anywhere

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Follow these steps to install ThreatConnect® Intelligence Anywhere  in a supported web browser and authenticate with it using your ThreatConnect user account:

  1. Add the ThreatConnect Intelligence Anywhere extension to a supported web browser by visiting the Chrome™ Web Store (Chrome and Microsoft Edge™) or the Firefox® Browser Add-Ons website (Firefox).
  2. If the ThreatConnect Intelligence Anywhere extension is not added to your web browser’s toolbar as in Figure 1, open the Extensionsmenu (Chrome and Microsoft Edge) or Customize Toolbar menu (Firefox) and add it to the toolbar.
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  3. Click the ThreatConnect logo in your web browser’s toolbar to open Intelligence Anywhere (Figure 2).
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  4. Log into your ThreatConnect instance or, if already logged in, refresh the browser tab in which ThreatConnect is open to authenticate with Intelligence Anywhere. If this is your first time accessing Intelligence Anywhere, the Settings menu will be displayed; otherwise, you can start scanning online resources for potential Indicators.

ThreatConnect® is a registered trademark of ThreatConnect, Inc.
Chrome™ is a trademark of Google, Inc.
Microsoft Edge™ is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Firefox® is a registered trademark of The Mozilla Foundation.

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