Applying Security Labels
  • 19 Oct 2022
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Applying Security Labels

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Minimum Role: Organization role of Standard User or Community role of Contributor

Prerequisites: Security Labels must be configured by the owner’s System Administrator, Organization Administrator, or Community Editor or Director. See ThreatConnect System Administration Guide, ThreatConnect Organization Administration Guide, ThreatConnect Community and Source Administration Guide, and Creating Security Labels for more information.


Security Labels included in ThreatConnect® provide a means to designate information stored within ThreatConnect as sensitive. ThreatConnect uses the Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) system published by the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams™ (FIRST).

When sharing data with partners, or when copying data to and from Communities, Security Labels provide control over what is shared and allow the sharer to redact information based on Security Labels that are applicable to Indicators, Attributes, Groups, Tasks, Tracks, and Victims.

If you have two versions of the same Group—one in your Organization and the other in a Community or Source—and each version has a different Security Label applied to it, then when you contribute the Group in your Organization into the existing Group in the Community or Source, the Security Label will be appended into the contribute operation, and both Security Labels will be applied to the Group in the Community or Source.

Applying a Security Label to an Object

  1. Navigate to the Details screen for an Indicator, Group, or Victim. For instructions on accessing an object’s Details screen, see the “Viewing the Details Screen” section of The Details Screen.
  2. On the Security Labels card, click the Choose Security Labels dropdown menu to display a multi-select list of Security Labels that you can apply to the object (Figure 1).

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  3. Select the checkbox(es) for the Security Label(s) you want to apply to the object.
  4. After all desired Security Labels are selected, click theicon at the upper-right corner of the list (Figure 1). The selected Security Labels will be applied to the object and displayed in the Security Labels card (Figure 2).

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Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams™ is a trademark of FIRST.ORG, Inc.

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