Exporting Groups
  • 19 Jan 2024
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Exporting Groups

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Groups stored in ThreatConnect® can be exported into a comma-separated values (CSV) file format and downloaded to a local directory.

Before You Start

Minimum Role(s)

Organization role of Read Only User

PrerequisitesExisting Groups in your Organization

Exporting Groups

  1. On the top navigation bar, hover the cursor over Browse and select Groups to display all Groups, or select a Group type (Adversary in this example) to display all Groups of that type (Figure 1). You can also use the query features on the Browse screen to filter to a more specific selection of Groups. Figure%201_Exporting%20Groups_7.4.0


  2. Click the EXPORT button at the bottom of the Browse screen. The Export Data window will be displayed (Figure 2). Figure%202_Exporting%20Groups_7.4.0


    • CSV Format: Select the CSV format to be used for the exported file. The default selection is ThreatConnect.
    • Data: Each checkbox represents a piece of data that can be included in the CSV file. By default, all checkboxes are selected. Clear any checkboxes for data not to be included in the CSV file, if desired.
    • Click the EXPORT button. A file named ThreatConnectExport.csv will be downloaded to your computer’s default download location.

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