OSINT and CAL Feeds
  • 22 Feb 2024
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OSINT and CAL Feeds

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ThreatConnect® includes several open-source intelligence (OSINT) and CAL™ feeds that you can use to ingest real-time data into corresponding Sources in your instance. Once the feed data are ingested, you can aggregate, correlate, enrich, and operationalize them automatically.

The following table lists the name of each feed included in ThreatConnect by default and the feed’s type (OSINT or CAL).

Feed NameFeed Type
abuse.ch Feodo TrackerOSINT
abuse.ch ThreatFoxOSINT
abuse.ch URLHausOSINT
Blocklist.de Apache IPsOSINT
Blocklist.de Bot IPsOSINT
Blocklist.de Bruteforce IPsOSINT
Blocklist.de FTP IPsOSINT
Blocklist.de IMAP IPsOSINT
Blocklist.de Mail IPsOSINT
Blocklist.de SIP IPsOSINT
Blocklist.de SSH IPsOSINT
Blocklist.de Strong IPsOSINT
BotScout Bot ListOSINT
Botvrij DomainsOSINT
Botvrij IPsOSINT
BruteForceBlocker BlocklistOSINT
CAL Automated Threat LibraryCAL
CAL Communications-themed NRDsCAL
CAL COVID19-themed Newly Registered DomainsCAL
CAL Energy-themed NRDsCAL
CAL Finance-themed NRDsCAL
CAL Healthcare-themed NRDsCAL
CAL Manufacturing-themed NRDsCAL
CAL Retail-themed NRDsCAL
CAL Russian Malware and Tool IndicatorsCAL
CAL Suspected Ranking ManipulatorsCAL
CAL Suspicious NameserversCAL
CAL Suspicious New Resolution IPsCAL
CAL Suspicious Newly Registered DomainsCAL
CyberCrime TrackerOSINT
Dan.me Tor Exit NodesOSINT
Disconnect.me MalvertisingOSINT
DShield.org Recommended Blocklist CIDRsOSINT
Firebog Prigent Malware DomainsOSINT
GreenSnow BlocklistOSINT
Haley SSH Bruteforce IPsOSINT
Hybrid AnalysisOSINT
Maldun Malware AnalysisOSINT
Maldun Malware Analysis URLsOSINT
MalShare Daily Malware ListOSINT
Maltrail Agent TeslaOSINT
Maltrail AnubisOSINT
Maltrail BankbotOSINT
Maltrail BlackshadeOSINT
Maltrail CerberusOSINT
Maltrail DridexOSINT
Maltrail FormbookOSINT
Maltrail GamaredonOSINT
Maltrail GenericOSINT
Rutgers Attacker IPsOSINT
StopForumSpam Toxic CIDRsOSINT

ThreatConnect® is a registered trademark, and CAL™ is a trademark, of ThreatConnect, Inc.

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