• 30 Aug 2022
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TheIcon  Description automatically generated Validations pane provides real-time information about issues preventing execution of the Playbook. A blank icon (Icon  Description automatically generated) indicates that there are no issues. If there are errors, a red icon with the number of issues (e.g., Icon  Description automatically generated) will be displayed. Click the Validations icon on the side navigation bar, and the Validations pane will be displayed (Figure 1).


  • Name: This column displays the name of the Playbook element with a validation issue.
  • Type: This column displays the type of the Playbook element with a validation issue.
  • Issue(s): This column describes the validation issue.
  • Actions: Clicking the icon will move the Playbook in the design pane to show the element with the validation issue in the middle of the screen. Clicking the icon will open the configuration pane for the element.
All new Playbooks start with one validation error until a Trigger has been added.

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20110-10 v.02.B

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