Configuring an Environment to an Environment Server
  • 01 Sep 2022
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Configuring an Environment to an Environment Server

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Follow these steps to configure a Playbook Environment to an existing Environment Server:

  1. Ensure that the ThreatConnect Environment Server system requirements are met. In particular, Java® 11 (Open JDK or Oracle Java version 11) must be installed locally on your computer.
  2. Download the Environment by selecting the Download Bundle (All-in-one) option in the Environment: <Environment Namewindow. The name of the downloaded file will be
  3. Move the .zip file to a directory from which it can be deployed (e.g., /opt/).
  4. From the command-line interface (CLI), change to the directory where you moved the .zip file (e.g., cd /opt).
  5. Unzip the file with the following command:
  6. Change to the Environment Server directory with the following command:
    cd threatconnect-envsvr
  7. If desired, view the README file with the following command:
    cat README.txt
  8. Enter the following commands:
    chmod +x ./
  9. When prompted, enter a Master Password. This password will be used to encrypt all keychain variables in a secure vault.
  10. On the Environments screen in ThreatConnect, the color of the top border of the Environment card corresponding to the downloaded Environment will turn green, indicating that it has been configured to an Environment Server.

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Java® is a registered trademark of the Oracle Corporation.

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