App Builder Overview
  • 18 Aug 2022
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App Builder Overview

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Minimum Role: Organization role of App Developer to view and build Apps; Organization role of Organization Administrator to release Apps

Prerequisites: Playbooks enabled for your Organization; permissions enabled for the App build and release functionalities in your Organization.

The App Builder is a Python® development environment that allows users to create, edit, and release Playbook Apps directly in ThreatConnect®. It includes development environment “basics” like debugging, the ability to view build logs, version control, auto-complete, and release management, as well as unique features specific to ThreatConnect. It provides common snippets of code (including the ability for users to create their own snippets), as well as easy management of input and output variables. Its integrated debugger includes automatic creation of a test Playbook and a live-debugging process. Its version control system allows commenting on commits and reversion to prior versions. The App Builder can also be used to view and modify code in existing Apps and import third-party App libraries.

ThreatConnect®is a registered trademark of ThreatConnect, Inc.
TC Exchange™ is a trademark of ThreatConnect, Inc.
macOS® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.
Python® is a registered trademark of Python Software Foundation.
Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. 

20084-01 v.07.A

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